Wilson NXT OS

Wilson NXT OS

This version of NXT is made with oversize frames in mind. While it still offers the same incredible comfort, touch, and feel of the original NXT, this one is made slighly firmer in order to add some control to the longer more powerful strings that come in oversize frames.It also works great in frames with smaller head sizes where it offers a crisper response and a tad more control than the orginal NXT. Wilson pre-stretches this one in order to combat the higher rate of tension loss that occurs in oversize frames. Note: Comes in 45 feet to accommodate Super Oversize applications.

Note: Misprint on packaging: lists string as 40 feet, but is actually 45 feet.

• Gauge: 16 / 1.28mm

• Length: 45 feet / 13.7m

• Construction: Solid center core with bundles of multifilament fibers in a rope-like wrap, PU outer coating

• Color: Natural


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