Wilson NXT Duo II

Wilson NXT Duo II

An update to the NXT Duo, the Wilson NXT Duo II combines Luxilon Adrenaline 17g and Wilson NXT 16g strings. Luxilon Adrenaline is a polyester made from liquid crystalline. Adrenaline provides a crisp, firm feel that’s great for the hard hitting players. Wilson NXT is one of the most popular multi-filament strings on the market. NXT has a nice soft feel, providing good ball pocketing. For durability and control, string with the Adrenaline on the mains. For a softer feel and more spin, string with NXT on the mains.

Gauge: Luxilon Adrenaline 17g (1.25mm) / Wilson NXT 16g (1.30mm)

Length: Luxilon Adrenaline: 20 feet (6m) / Wilson NXT: 20 feet (6m)

Construction: Luxilon Adrenaline: Co-polyester / Wilson NXT: Multi-filament

Color: Luxilon Adrenaline: Platinum / Wilson NXT: Natural



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