Tennis Racket String Tension

Tennis racket string tension

Many players do not understand what the tension of your strings in your racket means.  Usually, the player thinks the opposite happens. Statistics show that tight strings create control and loose strings create power. Also, tight strings mean a player must work harder with a faster swing speed to get the power they would like.  Loose strings are like a trampoline, a player may lose control if they swing to fast.  The loose swings allow the ball to bounce off the strings fast.

Recommended string tensions are stated on your tennis racket, check with your coach to see what type style you play and implement string tension accordingly.  FYI, players that have tennis elbow or other mild strains in their wrists or arms have tried looser tensions and it has been more comfortable.  However, if they were fast swing players, maybe their style needs to be altered, but hopefully only temporarily.

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