Scott Nichols – On The Other Hand Newsletter – Vol 9

No better way than to discuss Agassi, McEnroe, Chang and Courier,
as my December Newsletter!!  Bring back ‘the boys!’  On 11/30/12,
I witnessed the 12th leg of the Legendary Champions Cup, featuring
the top over 30 year old former tennis pros.  Going into the final week of
the 3 month 12 event series; Jim Courier was leading, 2nd was Johnny Mac and Andre Agassi and Michael Chang rounded out the top 8.
The semi’s was Chang over Courier (upset) 6-4, Agassi beating up on McEnroe
6-2 and the finals seeing Agassi defeating Chang 8-4.
This is what I took from the evening:  At 40, 45 and 55 years of age, they all
still have ego’s, are quite fit and still have magic at times, especially Andre!!
Also, as I stress in my book; “On the Other Hand,” they all use their non-dominant
hand in ALL their strokes, recreational players could learn so much from this
idea!  The pros footwork, preparation and head’s down watching the ball, is so clean
and perfect, maybe recreational players take this for granted, they are still SOOOOO
Chang most of the time stayed behind the baseline and hit topspin, with just OK power,
but good depth and placement.  Courier as well stayed behind the baseline, but hit harder and went for winners more than Chang.  McEnroe was steady but always tried
to come to net, he seemed to not stick his most graceful volley or Agassi, just is too quick.  I think a little of both.  McEnroe won the 1st two games at love with nice serves and drop shots and this upset Andre, so Agassi demolished Mac after that, winning 6 games in a row, in quick, real quick fashion.  Too bad for crowd, would of liked to see
more shot making.
As I end the 2012 year with these greats, it makes me think of 2013 and how I will continue to strive and instruct others, the way I watched these 4 pros; hitting topspin
on both sides from the baseline, like Chang, or never giving up/hitting hard, soft/whatever it takes/winning ugly like Courier, or serve and volleying like an artist as McEnroe still is or lastly, taking 90% of the balls on the rise, being fitter than the opponent and NEVER backing up like Mr. Andre Agassi; Happy Holidays to all and hope you check out my book soon!

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