Scott Nichols – On The Other Hand Newsletter – Vol 18

On The Other Hand Newsletter
Hope You had a Great Holiday’s Season and wish you a Happy New Year
As adults and juniors get ready for annual January league play, high school spring season
commencement and new year resolution’s for one’s tennis game; let’s discuss some
important information for your tennis racket (s) and string tension.
When choosing a tennis racket, the player should clarify what level they are; novice/beginner, intermediate or advanced.  Usually, the lower lever player will need some power from a racket and also have a comfortable weight.  As a player improves, rackets that have more control, have a thinner throat are usually better, since it allows the player to swing faster and keep control.
Keeping this information general, topspin ground stroke players usually need a stiffer/thinner frame due to the faster swing and usually longer swing.  This type of frame allows the ball to stay in the court.  Player’s that swing slower and have shorter swings; due to possibly an injury, age or being a ‘finesse’ player, will chose a thicker or wider racket, that has a little more power in the frame.
Another important aspect of your tennis racket is the string tension.  Firstly, tight strings
mean the frame will feel stiff, not much power from string, only control, unless you really use much effort. Thus topspin players use much effort when they swing and power is a result,
which is manually created by player NOT racket or string.  When the string is lower tension,
power is provided with less control.  Think of a trampoline, power can be created, but maybe a loss of control as well.
Lastly, lots of players keep their tennis rackets in the car trunk; you know how cold or hot
the car gets?  This really stresses the frame and strings and can create a wearing that will
damage the tennis racket faster than if ‘stored’ when not playing at room temperature in
your home or a locker at the club etc.
Check with your coaches or tennis pros about specifics or go to selected web sites; like
Babolat, Head or Wilson and seek information tennis equipment and you can educate further the types, colors, prices etc. of rackets and string.
Talk to you all soon;

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