Scott Nichols – On The Other Hand Newsletter – Vol 15

Newsletter for June

Nadal wins again, Federer comes up short.  Serena wins again easily,
Sharapova comes up short. Wow!  What are we to think?  A few thoughts
before we look ahead to Wimbledon in a few weeks.
Nadal continues to complain about the tiring tennis tournament schedule
during the year, possibly, since he had 6 or so months off, he maybe
has a point that less is better.  Though he was injured, media wonders
how he recovered so fast and so strong??  Good questions; however,
he is the best ever on clay, this is a point that few will disagree with.
Other than Djokovic, who else can ‘really’ compete on clay with Nadal;
physically or mentally, no one.
Roger Federer, possibly the best of all time, however, if he continues to
stay around, not leaving when he is on top, this assumption may start
to fade.  We all want Roger to win one more big SLAM, could it be
Wimbledon 2013?  I think we all want that for him, as does the world
of tennis and then maybe RETIRE.  We have said that a few years now,
what a class act, wonderful game……..time will tell.
Almost as one sided is Serena versus the field.  Physically and mentally,
when she is right, no one else has a chance; even the wonderful, Sharapova.
Looks like Serena will continue to win slams, she is 3rd and most likely,
will catch Margaret Court, as long as no injuries occur.  On any service,
she dominates and will continue for a few more years, don’t you agree?
Wimbledon 2013, on the men’s side; where is Murray?  Gotta go with Djokovic,
Nadal or yes, Roger.  Women, Serena again!  Depending on weather, court
surface ‘shape,’ and obviously draw, but those are my ‘pics.’  Since current
play/strategy on grass is similar to hard court and even clay, with baseline rallies being
the priority, these will be my choices for US Open 2013 as well.  The only possibility
from these predictions, is a player with a tremendous serve like a Isner, Querry or
a Venus Williams type women serve; but for 2 weeks, I sincerely, doubt that in 2013
that will happen.

Scott Nichols
Director of Tennis
USPTA/PTR Pro 1/Author
Marbella Country Club

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