Scott Nichols – On The Other Hand Newsletter – Vol 10

On The Other Hand Newsletter

With 2013 now here, I thought I would provide some guaranteed tips for your success on the tennis court. I said guaranteed! Some from my popular book, “On the Other Hand,” some from tactical position and lastly, some rules.

1) Did you know that every ball that hits the ground on a bounce (ground stroke) rolls with topspin? So a flat, topspin or slice ground stroke with all different spins when initially hit, ALL bounce after meeting the court first with top spin. So, the guaranteed stroke that ALWAYS will counter the ground stroke with ease, less effort and success is a SLICE GROUND STROKE! Knowing this can aid you immensely with strategy, fitness, disguise and winning.

2) Your non-dominant hand on your forehand ground stroke can aid you with the following:

A) balance B) reaching dominant hand to contact point, C) power D) aiding in follow through

Obviously, balance is meant with both arms working together and you are square to the oncoming ball. The non-dominant arm the comfortably points fairly straight to the contact area one would like to meet the ball at, as one swings with their racket arm, both arms now swing together, non dominant arm first out and up and then the dominant arm with racket to follow. Having player catch racket above the left ear (righty) with a high follow through is an awesome follow through and recommended.

3) In doubles, playing both player’s back at the baseline when serving or returning can be quite effective in the beginner and intermediate levels. It teaches all players about patience and helps avoid the net person getting ‘crushed’ or being lobbed and not able to play. Also, it allows more time to hit the ball against those opponents that may hit harder than you like and their is a sense of ‘comfort’ and ‘safety’ back at the baseline WITH your partner. Remember that eventually good ground strokes create a weak return from opponents and this will make you go towards the net to retrieve the short ball. You better have a plan/strategy to then be successful with that approach shot or the lob will get you and we will have to start all over again.

Good luck and hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy the web site!

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