Protection Level 3 Socks

Protection Level 3 Socks

This is a Protection Level 3 crew sock designed to help protect your feet from the damaging effects of impact, shear and blistering common to playing tennis. This product provides the most protection available (beyond what any other sock can provide today) and may require a 1/2 size larger shoe. Wear this product when fitted with new shoes.

• Heavyweight padding protects feet against shock, impact and shear forces that commonly occur from sudden stops, starts and lateral movements.

• THOR-LON throughout the body of the sock to wick moisture, keeps feet drier and reduces blisters.

• Lightweight padding in arch for better fit and arch support.

• Extended lightweight padding over toe to protect against fast stops and starts.

• Fiber Contents: 88% THOR-LON Acrylic, 10% Stretch nylon, 2% Spandex

• Small fits Women’s 4-6


• Medium fits Women’s 6.5-10, Men’s 5.5-8.5


• Large fits Women’s 10.5-13, Men’s 9-12.5


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